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Two guns at Constable Burton, North Yorkshire for a driven day with accommodation

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 Laurence Hawley is delighted to donate two guns to shoot as part of a line of eight on a 300 bird driven day at Constable Burton Estate this season. The shoot itself spans 3,000 acres with 35 drives comprised mainly of woodland, pocket valleys and undulating parkland, where the main quarry is pheasant with some partridge and duck to boot. The landscape lends itself to testing birds and is exceptionally well run, allowing you to shoot consistently throughout the day. This is rolling English countryside at its finest – the TV series Heartbeat was filmed on the estate! Also included is accommodation and dinner for the night before at a local hotel with the company of Gerard Eadie and Grant Yorke, who are also guests on this shoot. Date to be confirmed.

Donated by Laurence Hawley